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vegancocollate cake


      Chocolate Food of the Gods  -  Delicious Chocolate Truffle Recipe - Surely the world's quickest   chocolate_truffle

       Your favourite chocolate          e.g. milk, dark, flavoured plain, vegan etc.

                                                          (I love good quality organic dark with toffee bits or nuts)

       Something to trufflesise it.      (stop it from solidifying back into a bar)

       Coconut cream
    ( Organic
Coconut cream)
       Oat cream                                or If you really must
       Dairy cream                             but you will not taste the difference if you opt for vegan

      Pan of water & place a
      bowl on the pan so it
      hovers over, not touches,
      the water

      Put chocolate &                          Play around with the amount of chocolate to suit you.
      the cream of your                       (I have no willpower when it comes to these truffles
      choice in the bowl                      so I only make enough for each day. I make enough for 4 truffles  
                                                           I use about a third of a 100gm bar & a couple of desert spoons of cream
                                                           As I say play around to get your favourite consistency

      Melt, stir it thickens a bit
      remove from heat
      When cool place the bowl
      in the freezer for a few
      minutes until it is both
      soft enough to scoop out
      but hard enough to roll
      into balls
      Roll in cocoa powder


      EAT  Hmmmmmm!

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